Presiding members report


Tena koutou! Talofa lave! Kia orana! Malo e laumalie! Namaste! Hello everyone


Kia ora koutou katoa; warmest greetings to our Raureka community.

My name is Marguerite Watt and I lead the Raureka Board of Trustees. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my board to you all. I live in Raureka with my partner John and our two children, Jorja who is at high school and Charlie in Year 5 in Room 19.

Our whole board meets 8 times a year – twice a term, to assess and report on progress, plan new projects and review what’s happened since we last met.

The board will post a newsletter each term with news of our latest activities to keep you informed.

Our aim is to serve you as an open and communicative board and we want to hear from you. If you see any of us at school come and have a chat about trustees and our role in serving you as the Board of Trustees.

Naku noa na, nga mihi nui

Elected parent trustee: Marguerite Watt – Presiding Member:

Our board chair is now called a Presiding member. This position is held by Marguerite Watt. Marguerite is Charlie’s Mum and this is the third term on the board. As a presiding member, she meets regularly with the principal, sets and manages the board meetings and oversees the communication between the board and the principal.

Elected Parent Trustee: Megan Bayley- Finance

Our treasurer is Megan Bayley. Megan is mum to Hannah and Henry . This is Megan’s second term on the board and she meets monthly with the finance committee to check income and spending. She supports admin staff and school management to get our school finances and checks out everything as a group.

Elected Parent Trustee: Nic Burkin- Property

Our property person is Nic Burkin. Nic is Ben’s mum from Year 6 Room 5 and Ronan’s Mum from Year 4 Room 3. This is Nic’s second term on our board. She oversees all things done with the buildings and grounds. Nic liaises with school management and sometimes the Ministry of Education for current and future planning of our school property and grounds.

Elected Staff Trustee: Keryn Burns

Our staff rep is Keryn Burns. She is our Deputy Principal. Keryn was elected onto the board by the teachers and support staff to represent the staff. She speaks and reports on their behalf at our meetings.

Elected Trustee: KJ Stewart – Health and Safety

Our health and safety person is KJ Stewart. KJ is Taylor’s dad from Year 3 Room 8. He has taken on the role as our Health and Safety rep. KJ meets each term with the Principal, the caretaker and a staff rep.

Selected Trustee: Adam Davy – Community

Our community rep is Adam Davy. Adam is Anabelle and Lisbeth’s dad. This is Adam’s 1st term on our Board and he oversees all things community-based. 

Principal: Greg Riceman

And of course, our Raureka School Principal is Greg Riceman. He is an automatic member of our board meaning he isn’t elected on. He leads the school and does all the day-to-day management of the school whilst the board governs. So he’s your go-to person for all things Raureka.